Introducing our new tool for creating Quizzes!

Victoria MenesesJune 20, 2024

Parafrasist is a web platform designed to provide services to students and teachers through tools such as text summarizer, text paraphraser, essay creator, quiz creator, and more recently a task manager and document manager. Thanks to our commitment to knowledge and constant innovation, we are launching the new version of our quiz generator called Parafraquiz.

What are the features of the Quiz?

Parafraquiz offers the traditional quiz creator function with artificial intelligence based on a new topic or existing text, with settings such as the number of questions, types of answers, difficulty level, and language. In this new version, you will find a button called "Practice" right next to "Generate Quiz". This button allows you to answer all the created questions in real-time before viewing your finalized quiz. Once you have answered all the questions, it will give you your score and you can review your answers to see which ones you got right or wrong. This update enhances our users' learning by allowing them to practice all the quizzes or tests they generate in an interactive, user-friendly, and fun way.

What quizzes can I create?

Try Parafraquiz by creating quizzes or tests about the periodic table, mathematics, literature, languages such as English or French, or topics like general culture, soccer or any other sport, even to find out how much you know about your favorite artist (like Taylor Swift or books like Harry Potter).

Don't miss this feature to create a quiz completely online!