How to summarize a text?

To summarize any type of text on , you have to copy the text you want to summarize and then paste it in the box that says Enter the text you want to summarize or paraphrase here.

Once you've pasted it, you'll notice that at the bottom is a question that says What do you want to do to your text? Our platform has the Rewrite (Paraphrase) and Summarize checkboxes selected by default, so you are going to leave the "Summarize" option selected and press the button on the right side that says next.

And ready!

On the left side will be the deleted text underlined in red and on the right hand side , you will see your summarized text and below that box you will find four buttons:

  • Copy

This button allows to see the user copy the rewritten text

  • Download pdf

This button allows the user to download the rewritten text in PDF

  • Download Word

This button allows to see the user download the rewritten text in Word

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