Paraphrasist, your best option! Complete tutorial on how to use it to summarize all your texts.

Paraphrasist, your best option! Complete tutorial on how to use it to summarize all your texts.

Paraphrasist is a tool that has impressed many people and continues to be a success thanks to its particular usage procedure , which helps to have a better understanding of the texts you need for your day to day.

The paraphrasist page is designed with a fairly complete and simple interface, which can be used by anyone who needs a text summary in a short time, giving it all the advantage needed to save a lot of time. However, we have put together a full tutorial so that you understand how each part of our website works.

How is Paraphrasist divided?

Our website has many advantages that will help you summarize your texts easily and quickly; It is divided into the following sections:


At the beginning of the web page you will find a box where you must place the text you want to summarize and/or paraphrase. Our tool gives you the option to summarize 20% or 50% of your original text, you choose!

If you don't know what paraphrasing a text is, we invite you to enter our blog and read our article "Paraphrasing and paraphrasing: Learn how to do it in one place"

blog and tips

Paraphrasist is not only a text summarizing and paraphrasing tool, but also a blog that has a lot of tips for you.

In the Blog and Tips section arranged at the top of the web page you will find all the knowledge articles that can help you when carrying out your tasks.

In this part you will find articles based on topics of interest that we are sure will help you avoid wasting time, find better study techniques or help you understand the texts you want to summarize.

premium plans

In the premium plans section you can see the subscription package options that Parafrasist offers according to your needs.

On our website you will find the three types of plans that we have for you, ranging from one day, one month and three months, which have differences according to the duration and cost.

The plans specify how many texts with characters you can summarize, duration and explanation in local currency with all the information you need to know.

You can pay with a credit or debit card or with the PayPal payment platform safely and without inconvenience.

If you have a problem, you can consult it through the Parafrasist chat by starting the section through messenger or as a guest.

Your contracted plans and their configuration

In the contracted plans option you can see everything related to the plan you have chosen, its expiration time and any changes you want to make to obtain more time to use the tool.

What other things can you find on our website?

It is very easy, we also have a space that has a direct chat with Parafrasist advisors at a specific time where you will have the option to change your plan or any doubt you want to clarify.

Our website is not only a tool that will help you summarize and paraphrase or spin your texts, but it will also allow you to have the possibility of helping you easily understand what you need when carrying out your tasks.


· It will allow you to change words in a text for a better understanding of it.

· You will be able to paraphrase texts and documents easily.

· You will have the possibility to change words in a document without losing the coherence of its paragraphs.

· Allows you to summarize texts with high word length

· You will be able to search for synonyms of words.

Paraphrasist Tool Composition

Alright, now that you've seen each part of our website we want to show you how to use the main paraphrasist summary tool.

Once you enter the main paraphrasist web page to summarize or paraphrase your texts you will find a box that has in its main statement 'Start here'

In this part you can select the language of the text that you want to summarize or paraphrase and you will proceed to the larger box where you will place the text that you want to summarize.

Once you enter the text that meets the character conditions, you can select whether you want to paraphrase it, summarize it, or both.

If you want to summarize it, you must choose how long you want your summary, you have the option of 20% or 50% of your original text, choose the one that suits you best, click on next and that's it! you will get your summary easily and quickly.

It should be noted that in the results you will be able to observe the process in percentage of reduction of the text, how many words were replaced and the text that you summarized with its changes.

At the bottom of the results section you will get information on the most important paragraph, and its keywords used to summarize your text.

What are you waiting for to get the best summaries in your texts without wasting so much time! Our platform works with a specialized syntactic system so you don't have to worry about the coherence of your texts.

It should be noted that our website has been categorized as one of the best when it comes to making your summaries, helping you in your daily tasks without so many inconveniences.