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Parafrasist is an automatic text summarizer and rewriter. To start, enter a text at the bottom.

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The text in red is the one that was removed.

Original text for comparison:

The changed text appears in purple.

Summarized and paraphrased text

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Parafrasist is a tool designed to change words in a text (paraphrase a text) in order to have a better understanding of it. In addition, Parafrasist is also an automatic text summarizer.

We are the best text summarizer!
What can I use Parafrasist for?
Summary tool

Summary tool

With this app to summarize texts, you can summarize your text in a very simple way, managing to summarize up to 50% of your text. Parafrasist is the best text summarizer that exists.

Tool to paraphrase

Tool to paraphrase

If you do not understand a text well, you can use Parafrasist for online paraphrasing to make it more understandable. Parafrasist will always generate a statement with different words even if you enter the same text.

Get text from youtube videos

Get text from youtube videos

With our paraphrase generator get new texts and start rewriting texts online for free from youtube videos. Paste the url of a youtube video and get the text to rewrite it.

Rewrite texts

Rewrite texts

There are many text writing pages but with our tool you can create one from another, i.e. rewrite texts with other words.


Parafrasist has a tool to summarize texts automatically, you only have to enter the text you want to summarize and with one click you will have your text summarized.

Summarize Parafrasist

What is summarizing?

To summarize is to briefly state or explain the main and most important ideas of a subject, whether written or audiovisual.

How to summarize a text?

You can summarize a text manually or automatically. Both ways are explained below:

Summarize text manually

Here is a list of how to summarize a text:

  • check_circleRead the whole text to understand what it is talking about. In this step, you must also identify the structure of the text, ask yourself and identify if it has an introduction, development and denouement.
  • check_circleStart underlining the ideas that seem to you the most important or main ones, not forgetting to select ideas from all the structures, so that you don't miss anything important.
  • check_circleOnce you have everything important underlined, start joining it into a new text.
  • check_circleFinally, read your summary and check that it is understandable and make any necessary adjustments.
Automatically summarize a text

To summarize a text automatically, use Parafrasist, here's how:

  • check_circleGo to Parafrasist and click on text summarizer.
  • check_circleCopy the text you need to summarize.
  • check_circlePaste it in our text editor.
  • check_circleClick on the "Summarize text" button and you're done!

Summarize examples

We leave you some examples of summaries so that you can understand it in a better way. In the following example, we have marked in red the parts that our automatic summarizer eliminated.

Summary of texts

Piscology of color

The combination of different colors can affect how we perceive a product or how we experience different things. That is why, it is very important to use the right colors. Below, we leave you the explanation of some of them:


Red generally represents success and passion, as well as energy. This color is recommended to generate some action such as participation. Many brands use it when they want to engage their users.


This color makes people express how they feel, plus it generates happiness. Some companies use it to make users upload creative content.



The color blue generates confidence and tranquility. A few social networks use this color, since people interact with each other.

Summarize examples

What is paraphrasing or paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing, paraphrasing or paraphrasing consists of explaining or exposing a subject with different words, keeping the main idea and the same meaning. The subject can be written or audiovisual, since you can paraphrase a spoken or textual subject.

Examples of paraphrasing

Examples of paraphrasing

We leave you some examples of paraphrasing so that you have a better understanding of how to do it. In the following example, we mark in purple the words that our automatic online text paraphraser changed from the original text.

Original text:

My car was broken, but I needed it because I can't work without it.

Paraphrased text:

My car is broken, but I need it because I can't work without it.

Original text:

Colors are a very important issue when we are designing a brand, because by choosing the right color, we can achieve many things.

Paraphrased text:

Colors are a very important issue when designing a brand because by choosing the right color we can achieve many things.

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  • check_circle Summarizes and paraphrases texts up to 10,000 characters in length
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  • check_circle Unlimited summaries
  • check_circle Unlimited paraphrases
1 month plan
5.00USD Automatically renewed every month
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Do you have any questions?
What is Parafrasist?

Parafrasist is an online tool that allows you to make summaries of documents and long or difficult to understand texts, in addition this tool finds several synonyms of little known words in your text to facilitate its understanding when reading the final summary.

This page that fulfills the function of summarizing texts and documents is very easy to use, with a simple and easy to understand interface, buttons that will tell you exactly what to do, you can make many changes in your texts and documents in a totally online way.

What is Parafrasist good for?
  • check_circle With our summary builder you can understand your texts better and faster.
  • check_circle With Parafrasist you will create online summaries and new texts with our online paraphraser.
  • check_circle This program for summarizing long texts will help you read large amounts of information.
  • check_circle Keep your ideas fresh by performing online summarizing and online paraphrasing.
  • check_circle Use our text summary page to create new text for your content.
  • check_circle Keep your company with the best content with the summarizer to make an automatic summary.
What makes Parafrasist the best choice against other pages for summarizing and paraphrasing?

Parafrasist is the best site for paraphrasing because we perform summarization and paraphrasing in a way that no other website does, applying artificial intelligence techniques. This way, we can get a reliable paraphraser and summarizer.

Is Parafrasist free or paid?

You can use Parafrasist for free, with which you can process only 10 small texts per day, we also have a paid version, which allows you to enter unlimited larger texts.

What are the advantages of using the Parafrasist text summarizer?

This page to make summaries online is very complete because it has several very useful functions when making a summary, this text summarizer will allow you:

  • check_circle Changes words in a text.
  • check_circle Paraphrasing texts and documents.
  • check_circle Change words in a document.
  • check_circle Summarize long texts.
  • check_circle Summarize documents.
  • check_circle Search for synonyms of words.


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