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Our tool easily converts any topic or text into quizzes. If you're a teacher, it saves you time by creating exams automatically. If you're a student, you can study efficiently and easily.
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Maximize Your Study and Teaching Time with the Quiz Creator

Our quiz creator offers flexibility, efficiency, and an interactive way to assess knowledge. Ideal for adapting to different learning styles and improving information retention.

Different Versions for Different Students

Create multiple versions of a quiz to prevent your students from copying each other.
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Maximize Your Time

As a teacher, create quizzes on the readings you assigned to your students to evaluate them later. Students, on the other hand, can generate study quizzes instantly, optimizing their study time.
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Practice Interactively

Practice with interactive quizzes that will help you retain information effectively.
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Beyond the Text

Create quizzes from YouTube videos. Ideal for teachers who want to evaluate their students with audiovisual content.
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Reviews from Our Users

Discover success stories and how our tool has made academic and professional life easier for our users.
Parafrasist me ha permitido generar prácticas de estudio en minutos, adaptadas perfectamente a lo que necesito repasar. La flexibilidad y accesibilidad de la plataforma han hecho mi preparación para exámenes mucho más eficiente. ¡Realmente ha cambiado mi forma de estudiar!
Diego TorresStudent
Thanks to Parafrasist, my language classes have reached another level. The ability to create quizzes in various languages has personalized and enriched learning, perfectly fitting the needs of each student. A true educational revolution!
Carmen RuízLanguage Teacher

Embark on Your Journey of Smart Learning

Transform the way you learn and teach today. Explore Parafrasist and discover the power of AI-powered personalized quizzes!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parafrasist Quiz Generator

Our generator uses advanced technology to transform texts into interactive quizzes. Simply enter the text, and the tool creates multiple-choice or true/false questions based on the content.
You can create various types of quizzes, including multiple-choice and true/false questions, on a wide range of topics and texts.
No, our tool is designed to be easy to use, with no technical knowledge required. Its intuitive interface guides you through each step of the process.
Yes, the Quiz Generator supports multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Indonesian, German, and Dutch.
Yes, you can download the quizzes as PDFs or Word documents for sharing.