3 tools in line with artificial intelligence for teachers

3 tools in line with artificial intelligence for teachers

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence has come to revolutionize our way of life and the educational field has not been the exception, since various pages have been developed that make use of AI for the benefit of teachers, we will break them down below:

1. Grading Assistant

This page helps teachers streamline their grading process for exams and assignments, they just have to scan or upload their students' files and configure the parameters they established so that their algorithm saves it and can evaluate the documents. A great benefit of this website is that it provides feedback on the student so that the teacher can focus on these areas.

2. Paraphrasist.com

In this platform, teachers can create automatic quizzes , either from a text that they have or from a completely new topic. That is to say, if a teacher has a reading and from that reading he has to make a quiz for his students, he only has to copy it to this page, select the configurations of the questions (number, difficulty and type of questions) and with a click the page will do it for him in seconds.

3. Smart Classroom Management

For teachers who teach online classes or a diploma or course, this tool will be their best ally, since artificial intelligence helps to monitor student behavior in real time, thus allowing them to intervene in time if they see someone distracted or in any non-class situation.

Despite the fact that many see artificial intelligence as a great threat, it is inevitable that it will reach all areas of our lives, so we must learn to use it to our advantage and benefit from it.