5 study techniques to learn faster.

5 study techniques to learn faster.

Study techniques are those strategies that will allow you to acquire more knowledge when learning in the different areas that you need, such as school, universities and even any element that entails the need to learn something.

The strategies used to acquire knowledge are of total importance for anyone, since they provide much more time savings as well as the possibility of facilitating your daily life.

Now, do you know the study techniques that have made a difference among students? Well, to help you do things right, Paraphrasist has collected five study techniques that you must understand to learn much faster.

1. Notes of every detail that attracts attention

Of the most used and most effective study techniques, notes are the ones that take the lead since they provide a way to simplify each detail that you want to learn and thus have more retention in your mind of what you want to study.

The ways of making notes of each detail that catches your attention in the text goes hand in hand with the possibility of learning much faster since by writing them yourself you will be remembering the content that stands out the most in your memory lobe .

The notes can be made in different ways and in different places, our recommendation is that when making your notes you do them in a quiet place in your home and carefully read each part of the text that you want to understand.

Today there are tools for your mobile phone or computer that will allow you to make notes much easier and without missing any important data. In the case of wanting to do it in the traditional way in your notebook, you can apply all the creativity you require by adding drawings, colors and other elements that attract attention and allow you to keep your mind open.

2. Information retention tools

There are people who learn much faster with graphic elements and it is easier for them to retain information in their memory with these tools, after all, that is what they are made for, to simplify a text in small details.

We present the following information retention tools that Parafrasist collected for you, we are sure that you will love them and they will change the way you study from now on:

Mental maps

The ideas exposed in a mind map help to summarize the texts that you want to study in the best possible way, using mostly graphics based on the text and with this, when you see the image, your mind will immediately associate the writing to be memorized. It should be noted that the images placed on the mind map must be related to avoid losing coherence in the text.

Conceptual maps

Concept maps are still important when it comes to memorizing and studying a subject, because despite the fact that they do not have images like mind maps, they help the student to analyze each part of the subject, locate the appropriate concepts, relate them and make them much simpler for better understanding.


The cards are a study method generally used to help the student to memorize letters, numbers, dates and parts of the text that may be difficult when studying a writing. In general, the cards are used in much more technical subjects, related to science such as chemistry, physics, mathematics or biology, since they have elements such as formulas and names that can be complicated when studying.

It is recommended to use highlighters on the cards that provide color in them so that your brain remains active.

3. Study groups

It has been shown that studying in a group is a good study technique, since it provides a learning level of more than 70% . People who study with groups of more than 3 people up to 5 have had much more success and retention of information than doing it alone. When working as a team, the brain in this case absorbs much more information than when it does it alone.

There is a technique based on group study known as brainstorming, which consists of each team member mentioning a key word on the topic and the other members developing it.

4. Rules for memorization

In the case of memorization, there are specialized study techniques for these cases known as mnemonic rules, which will help you retain information from long or short lists, specific names, and even rules or articles. These memorization rules work by associating concepts with items familiar to you, including those of everyday life.

This technique can also work by placing names from the list you want to learn with initials.

5. Agendas by schedule

Time is important when studying and sometimes distributing it can be complicated if you don't have a specific order of what you want to do. If you do not have a level of organization sufficiently coupled with free hours, any study technique can fail no matter how good it is. One of the things that you should take into account the most is the relationship between organization and time.

One of the most used techniques for organizing your time is having an agenda, whether electronic or physical. Try it! We are sure that it will be a tool that will help you a lot.

A recommendation that you should also follow is the organization of your tasks by hours, applying sincerity; If you know that you are one of those people who is distracted for a while on social networks, it is recommended that you take it into account so that you do not have inconveniences and your time pays off.

Once you know exactly what you do during the day and what your tasks are, you'll be ready to start your study smoothly and your success will be guaranteed . Get the best grades and save much more time with Parafrasist.com !


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