Free educational resources for students

Free educational resources for students

Today, we are immersed in a digital era in which access to education has been facilitated thanks to the large number of available online tools . Although some of them are paid, there are others that are completely free and offer excellent resources. Although some of these platforms are created with Artificial Intelligence , they must not be demonized, but rather, they must be used to our advantage.

Here are 3 free tools for students:


With this tool you will say goodbye to Powerpoint forever, since it is a page that automatically generates presentations on any topic or matter , in addition, each slide is written with a very good structure and is accompanied by a reference image also created with AI.


This tool will help you send and share large files of up to 10 GB without registration and with unlimited downloads, you can also send photos and videos, the best thing is that you can protect it with a password and at the end choose where you want to send it .

3.- Paraphrase

This page is a multitool in which you can summarize, paraphrase and correct the spelling of your texts for free , it also has a subscription version in which you can create essays, articles and questionnaires automatically , that is, you will only have You have to put your topic and the platform will create the questions or the text with artificial intelligence, in less than 2 minutes , in addition, you will be able to summarize any YouTube video that has subtitles.