How to make a study routine?

How to make a study routine?

As everything in life is based on being constant and disciplined , in the study it is the same, to be a responsible person at school or University it is important to be prepared for each class , exam or work, but many times we do not have an established schedule or a plan that tells us what we should do, and what happens is that we never have enough time to study or do our homework.

That is why this article is going to teach you how to make an efficient study routine that will help you organize every aspect, be it study time, doing assignments, starting projects and most importantly, studying for a midterm, exam or homework. so pay attention and put these guidelines into practice to make a study routine .

Create an efficient study routine

If you still do not have a study routine, perhaps that is the reason why you are not doing well in your school or university , so put each of these aspects into practice in order to have a really effective study routine to study as it should .

Organize everything in an agenda

Many times we forget what we have to do or deliver, that is why it is important that you write down all your homework and activities some time before or even as soon as you know of that commitment, you can do it with an application on your mobile or in a physical agenda, but The important thing is that you keep track of everything you have to do.

Create a schedule of your day

You must create a schedule or an agenda of everything you have to do in the day and thus organize it so that you have time for everything, write down from the most essential to the most urgent, the time of your meals, the delivery time from a job, rest time, it may sound somewhat exaggerated , but this will make you never forget something you have to do .

Do the most important things in the morning

In the morning hours you must do the most important things, jobs or projects or those that require more time , this will make you occupy the necessary time to finish it or advance it and in the afternoon hours you can have time to do the other things and so on. prevent you from having to stay up all night unnecessarily, so you should do the most important things in the morning, which brings us to the next point.

wake up early

The earlier we wake up, the more time we will have to do our homework , and the earlier we finish homework, work and study, the earlier we can go to sleep, it can be a bit difficult at first if you are a person who is used to waking up late, but you will see that with time this will become a habit.

Do not study a day before

The big mistake that many of us make is leaving the time to study for a day before the partial or exam, the ideal is to study several days before progressively so that every day we can review a little, even the last day we can review, but we should not that we are going to learn everything about a subject in one day

So you can create a study routine.

Use each of these guidelines to create your ideal study routine , one in which you have time for everything, both to study, to deliver your work on time and even to rest, so start now to create your study routine. study.


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