How to make questionnaires

How to make questionnaires

Thanks to technological advances , digital tools have become essential resources for teachers , as this union increasingly chooses to incorporate these tools into their classrooms in order to improve the learning and teaching process.

One resource that has gained popularity lately is the automatic quiz creator , which allows teachers to extract questions from an existing text or from a completely new topic, so that they can focus on teaching and other academic activities with the purpose of time saved. And it is that what before could take more than two hours because each question and answer had to be designed and written individually, now it can be done in seconds, since it is only a matter of copying and pasting a text.

How to create an automatic questionnaire

As previously mentioned, these digital tools are capable of extracting questions from an existing text, for example, if a teacher has a reading and wishes to extract a quiz from it, they just have to copy and paste the text, configure the number of questions, as well like the difficulty and the type of answers and the page will be based on that information to get the questions.

They are also capable of creating questions on any topic and thanks to their artificial intelligence, these questions will always be totally different .

These pages are not only functional for teachers, but students also benefit from them, since they can use them to test their knowledge and find out how much they know about a specific reading, text or topic.