Ideas to summarize a text easily.

Ideas to summarize a text easily.

The summary in a text can help you simplify many things in your daily life, among them is the time that you can save and the practicality of making everything much easier for you. If you are one of those who likes to carry things efficiently when it comes to doing your school or university homework , you have come to the right place!

With paraphrasist your texts will be summarized in no time and you will not have to worry about those errors that can be generated when the main and secondary idea is identified.

Although with paraphrasist you can save a lot of time, it is important that you know the best ideas to easily summarize a text.

That is why we have made this brief section so that you know each part of the text that you want to summarize and the best ideas, steps and recommendations so that you can easily summarize any writing.

Types of texts when summarizing

When we are going to summarize, it is important to know the text that we want to simplify, which is why we have collected for you in this section the types of writings that can be paraphrased without problems.

Among the most important types of texts that you should know, we present the following:

Narrative text

The narrative text is where the narrator takes center stage and also narrates his own story, either real or fictitious, he himself tells each event that occurred taking into account the place and time where the events take place.

Descriptive text

As its name indicates, it describes the people involved in the text, taking into account the characteristics that each character has, it is important that it be described from aspect, appearance, place and situation, including every detail.

Expositive text

Expository texts are used to inform or publicize a topic to an audience that is not specialized in a topic. The presenter may not have prior knowledge , however knowledge based on experience will suffice.

Argumentative text

When an author has a clear opinion of a text on his side and wants to make known or change the opinion of his readers, it is known as an argumentative text. The author exposes his arguments in order to convince and vary the opinion of the other person.

directive text

The purpose of directive texts is to help the reader to carry out an action based on instructions, such is the case of user manuals or instructions that provide a guide for the other person to achieve their objectives.

A text is said to be directive when the reader is made to follow instructions based on the direction.

Scientific texts

Science also has its texts! When there is a production of a writing that contains, theories, hypotheses or articles based on some scientific element, it is called scientific texts; It is relevant that you know that these texts will be the written proposal of the scientific method.

legal texts

The texts that are based on the legal field and serve to carry out actions of this type, are known as legal texts, these are based on a specific language that must follow certain technical standards with certain terms according to the lexicon.

Steps to summarize a text

The steps will help you know what to do when summarizing a text, which is why we present the instructions that you must follow if you want to paraphrase a writing.

1. Reading

Reading is the main element when making a summary since it will help you to really know what the topic is about and what is the purpose of the text. In the first instance, reading will provide you with all the information you need to proceed with your summary.

When summarizing, we recommend that you take into account a quick reading for comprehension and if you do not understand anything, read carefully, taking into account each paragraph of the text.

2. Objective

After having read your writing of which you want to summarize, one of the steps that you must take into account is to identify the main idea of the text, which is based on its objective. Once the main idea is obtained, you will have the objective of the text, which will help you to paraphrase or summarize more easily and quickly.

3. Special paragraphs

The special paragraphs are those that are based on the comprehension of the text, that is, when you read to understand the text and there are paragraphs that have different or complementary information , it must be taken into account to make the summary.

4. Highlight

Once you have done the main reading and identified the objective, you proceed to highlight the most important thing in order to coherently carry out your summary , the technique of highlighting the most important thing or the main idea will help you to summarize faster and paraphrase accordingly. .

5. Conclusion

We well know that the conclusions are those where the most important of the entire text is emphasized and we must take into account the development and objective of the text.

To conclude the text , it is necessary that you review again the most important points of the text, that you take into account the result of the main idea and identify the motivation for future readers to continue with the topic or read it.