Review of history: Mexican Revolution

Review of history: Mexican Revolution

Review of history: Mexican Revolution

The history of Mexico has a vast amount of political and social events that fostered the development of the country in an exponential way. Whether we are talking about dates like Independence or the Cake Wars. One that marked a before and after for the labor, educational and housing well-being of Mexican society was the Revolution. This event brought with it significant changes such as Agrarian Reform, Reform to the public education law, improvements in working conditions and even the promulgation of a new Constitution in 1917 . But what were the reasons for this political disaster?

Causes of the Mexican Revolution

Among the main reasons for this armed conflict that began in 1910 , was popular discontent towards the 30 years that General Porfirio Díaz had been in power, exercising a dictatorship.

And although during the period of this president there were great advances within the country , such as the construction of railways, schools and the creation of an infrastructure base for the country, the uprising in arms was imminent due to the fatigue of society since everything The aforementioned was achieved with total economic control and even political fraud.

Taking the above into account, social inequality and the concentration of wealth became increasingly evident, leaving workers with few or almost no labor rights and, equally, dispossessing them of their land. Freedom of the press was basically prohibited, any opinion against the government was silenced and if there was any type of uprising against it, they would immediately be violently repressed by the Government.

Summary of the Mexican Revolution

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