Study guide for university

Study guide for university

In the student field it is well known that when exams are approaching, one of the best techniques to prepare are study guides, since if they are prepared correctly it can change the student's outlook and make the difference between success and failure through the time to submit the test.

How to make a study guide?

To carry out a guide of this type, a great amount of time, patience, concentration is needed and sometimes it can become a bit tedious, however, thanks to the new tools that artificial intelligence has brought with it, nowadays students they can turn to automated questionnaire creators to streamline the whole process. Next we will give you some tips to create a study guide with this tool.

Study Guide 2023

  1. Choose a reliable automated quiz creator:

The first thing you should do is choose the right tool. There are several options available online for flashcard making such as Quizlet, Kahoot, and Google Forms. But without a doubt, the tool that can help you the most is because this page creates questionnaires of up to 15 questions per topic in a few seconds.

  1. Identify the key issue:

In Paraphrasist you will have a box to write the subject, try to avoid ambiguity or double interpretation, the more specific and clear you are, the better results you will have, as this will help focus your study guide so that it covers the essential points.

  1. set up your quiz

On the page you can select the type of question you want, that is, if you want them to be multiple choice or only the correct answer, we recommend that it be only the correct answer so that you can be distracted by the other possible answers. You can also configure the level of difficulty you want; you can start with the easy one and when you master that topic, move to the medium and finish with the difficult one.

  1. Test and improve:

Once you've built your study guide with the automated quiz builder, test it yourself to make sure the questions are consistent and relevant. Likewise, you can show it to your teachers and classmates as feedback to improve and adjust your study guide as necessary.

We wish you much success in creating automated study guides!