Teachers: digital educational tools

Teachers: digital educational tools

Digital tools have become an important part of modern learning , and teachers can greatly benefit from using them in their classrooms . These tools not only help teachers save time , but also enhance the learning experience for their students . Here are some recognized digital tools that teachers can use to enhance their education:

  • Learning Management Systems: LMSs ( Learning Management Systems ) are a software platform that allows teachers to create, manage, and deliver online courses . In them they can create and share multimedia content, tasks, forms and tests . Some of the better known systems are Moodle , Canvas and Blackboard .

  • Video conferencing tools: Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow teachers to take classes online, have virtual work hours, and interact with students in real time . These tools are especially useful for distance learning and online learning.

  • Online summaries: Online summaries help to synthesize information in a matter of seconds, this to optimize the work time of teachers . Parafrasist.com is one of the best options that currently exist, since it has an artificial intelligence system that allows extracting the most important information from the text in just seconds, in addition, it has a paraphraser that rewrites the words of the text without changing the essence of the text. text.

  • Room Management Tools: Room management tools like ClassDojo and Nearpod help teachers manage their rooms, communicate with parents, and track student growth . These platforms also provide data on student learning and help teachers personalize their learning .

  • Social media platforms . Teachers have the ability to use social media platforms like Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram to share resources, connect with other teachers, and engage students . These tools are especially useful for creating a sense of community among students and increasing participation .

In short, digital tools can be of great help to teachers looking to improve their teaching methods and engage students . By integrating these platforms into your teaching practice, you can create a more dynamic and positive learning experience for your students.