The 5 advantages of summarizing your texts

The 5 advantages of summarizing your texts

Surely at some point in your student life, you have been asked to write a summary as a task, but have you ever wondered what they are for?

Here we are going to explain why and we will also tell you why making summaries is an incredible tool for your studies.

1. You simplify the information

By synthesizing the text you want to understand, you process the most complicated concepts and make them simpler, that is, if an idea comes in a paragraph, it can be adapted to half a paragraph and even a single sentence.

2. You give a second reading to the text

When you are looking for the main ideas of the information, you read the text to identify them, and once summarized , you do it again, so the learning is better.

3. You save time to study

Once your summaries are made , when studying what you saw in the period or the year, it is much easier to study having the information synthesized and in your own words, than reading the complete text.

4. Ideas are clearer

When you have already made your summary and read it again, you have the separate ideas in your mind, which makes you master the text and can understand it and even present it for an important school presentation.

5. You can do it in a matter of seconds

That's right, today there are tools like that help you summarize or paraphrase your information in a matter of a click and save time while you learn.

Use this new tool and take advantage of the advantages it offers you!