Thieves of time in the studio

Thieves of time in the studio

When it comes to studying, reviewing for a partial , doing a job, trying to understand the last class of a difficult subject, there are many obstacles or better called "time thieves in the study", these are those that take away valuable time by having we have to do things that decentralize us from the objective and make us lose important hours that we could invest in studying more.

Here I am going to show you which are the biggest study thieves, which we will divide into two, " distractions and obstacles ", and I will also teach you how to avoid them at all times, and thus have much more time for what is truly important.

Avoid these distractions when studying

These are the most common distractions when it comes to wanting to study that are stealing all your valuable time, avoid using them at all costs, so take note and put all these tips into practice in order to take advantage of all the time when studying .

Keep your mobile close

Perhaps this is the biggest distraction of all , a notification or a new message can be the end of concentration when studying , that is why you should keep your cell phone away from you, put it on silent, or if you need it to study, you should only use the necessary tools, you can silence social networks and silence WhatsApp and Messenger messages.

study with music

For many it may be a form of concentration or something that improves your ability to better understand things, but this is wrong , music can distract you from your goal , it will keep your mind distracted, what if you can do is put on relaxing music background with low volume, this will create a zone of comfort and relaxation and will help you stay more focused.

Obstacles when studying

These are the most common obstacles that appear in your way when you want to study, so take note and start using these tips, since I'm sure you make some of these mistakes .

Not having everything ready

You should always have your study area clean, with all your implements and tools ready , because if you use your study time to clean and order, this will almost take away all your time and you will have very little for what is truly important, study.

Having to make summaries from scratch

Making a summary by hand from scratch is something that will steal several hours of your day , hours that you can use to study and prepare for the following classes, that is why I will recommend this online tool to be able to make summaries of books or texts online automatically, is an online summarizer that will save you many hours of your day, and will make you quality summaries of any text or book.

Wasting time looking up words in the dictionary

When in a text or a book you find a word that you don't know the meaning of or that you don't understand the context in which it is found, you will waste valuable time looking it up in the dictionary , which is why there are online tools that allow you to search for synonyms immediately. of any word , allows you to do this online .