Which is a creator of automatic questionnaires

Which is a creator of automatic questionnaires

At the academic level, the questionnaires are a fundamental tool for evaluations, since they are an excellent study methodology and also test the knowledge of students on certain topics, however, their preparation can require a large amount of time and at the same time. end up getting a bit tedious.

Thanks to technological advances, today there are digital tools that already perform questionnaires automatically , thus facilitating the lives of both teachers and students.

In the teaching field , these automatic question generators help teachers to reduce their workload , since it saves them the time of subtracting questions from a text or the time it takes to investigate questions on a specific topic. These saved hours allow teachers to spend more time on teaching and other school activities.

At the student level, students can use the online question and answer generator to study on a specific topic and practice for future exams. Likewise, they can test their knowledge in different areas or subjects and, based on their results, identify the topics in which they need to improve.

How to make automatic questionnaires

Parafrasist.com incorporated into its platform an automatic questionnaire creator with a very easy-to-use interface, you just need to create an account and log in , select the 1-day or 1-month plan, whichever you prefer; With the 1-day plan you can generate 5 questionnaires of up to 20 questions, while with the 1-month plan you can generate 25 questionnaires of up to 20 questions.


Once you have paid for your plan, you must click on the questionnaire creator and write a topic in the white box for the page to create your questions or paste some text that you have so that the platform is based on that information and extracts your questionnaire. Then configure the number of questions you want (maximum 15 questions), the type of answer, whether multiple choice or only the correct answer, and finally, the difficulty of your quiz. At the end, click on create and in a few minutes you will have a unique and original questionnaire created with artificial intelligence, so you will not have plagiarism problems.



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