Cookies policy

This cookie policy describes how Parafrasist uses cookies, and other similar technologies, on our website.

What are cookies

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you enter certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about your browsing habits and —depending on the information they contain and the way you use your device— they can be used to identify you.

Does Paraphrasist use cookies?

Yes, Parafrasist uses cookies in accordance with our privacy policy to:

· That our services and website work correctly.

· Understand how visitors interact with our website.

· Analyze and improve our services.

Show you personalized ads

Who sets cookies when I use Parafrasist?

Cookies are established in two ways, cookies from our website and cookies from third parties.

· Cookies from our website: Our website sets cookies.

· Third-party cookies: These cookies are established by other companies, such as Google for example, for analysis purposes.

How does Parafrasist use cookies and what types of cookies does it use?

Below is a brief description of the types of cookies we use and the purpose of each one:

Necessary Cookies

Some cookies are necessary for the operation of our website, these cookies do not save any personal data. Among the necessary cookies are the following:

· Necessary functionality cookies: To keep the website and our services working properly, such as saving the number of texts you processed in a day.

· Necessary security cookies: To protect our systems from unauthorized access or possible attacks.

advertising cookies

These cookies are used to show you personalized advertisements on our website. These cookies are set by google adsense.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website. These cookies are set by google analytics.

Personalization cookies

They are those that allow users to access the Service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria established by the user, such as, for example, the language or the type of browser through which they connect to this website. . Some of these cookies are set by stripe and stripe are only set if you are registered on our website.

Security cookies:

Security cookies help us understand and try to prevent attacks, some cookies are set by cloudflare, google recaptcha and cloudflare.

Third party cookies


Our website establishes cookies from the following companies, you can see their privacy policy by clicking on them.

Google analytics -

Google reCAPTCHA -

Google Adsense -

Stripe -

Cloudflare -

Can I reject cookies?

You can reject cookies on our website, with the exception of cookies necessary to allow you to function properly on our website.

You can accept, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring your browser options. You can go to the footer, which is the part at the bottom, and click on cookie settings to reject them.

In the following links you will find instructions to enable or disable cookies in the most common browsers.

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy or want to make any comments about this website, you can send an email to

Last modification made: January 7, 2022