Imagen de What is a spell checker?

What is a spell checker?

In recent years, digital tools specialized in spell checking have been created so that both students and teachers can use them and can identify any grammar, punctuation or style errors before...

Imagen de Who invented tasks?

Who invented tasks?

The term homework dates back to the early years of formal education. In ancient times, education was provided primarily to a privileged few and focused primarily on the poor....

Imagen de Teachers: digital educational tools

Teachers: digital educational tools

These tools not only help teachers save time, but also enhance the learning experience for their students. Here are some recognized digital tools...

Imagen de What is Key Learning?

What is Key Learning?

Key learning is the group of basic knowledge that students develop in school, such as values, attitudes and cognitive skills....

Imagen de International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

The mother tongue is the first language a person learns from birth or early childhood....


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